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12/8/2017 6:12:48 AM

What happened to weapon design in D2?

before anyone disagrees with what I'm saying here, log in to destiny 1, check your inventory and vault to look at all your weapons, and then go to D2 and look at the same. all destiny 1 weapons had their own unique frames and designs, and color schemes didn't dominate all the weapons. all of them had their own identity with different stats and perks (random rolls aside). Now with Destiny 2 we have something like what? 24 different weapon designs and then 10+ variations for each of those that all have the same frame, design, and stats as the basic one. nothing feels special about any of the weapons because they are all reskins and once you've fired one you've fired them all. it just doesn't make sense how the studio that made all those beautiful D1 weapons made what we have now. Destiny 2 has it's lions share of problems right now but this is one thing that irks me more than all the others. just because we know they can do better. we've seen it. TLDR: Destiny 2 weapon designs are lazy and uninspired and if this doesn't change soon I think this will have a bigger impact on how the community feels about the game in the long term as no one wants to feel like all their loot is the same for years. 3 years from now you don't want to be using your 12th uriels gift. do you?

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