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Destiny 2

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Bearbeitet von Turbothomato: 12/9/2017 3:50:27 PM

Destiny 2 is a lazy, fanbase milking, predatory mechanism

People without dlc can not play: Heroic strikes Prestige base raid! Legend of Acrius Mission! Prestige NIGHTFALL! TRIALS OF THE NINE! (you are just insane, you are just asking for hate Bungie). Introducing microtransactions in a full paid game means at least that you do updates like the freetoplay games do, look at Warframe, path of exile, it's just frustrating that the best of the best game producers just turn in a moneygrabbing machine. Profiting at fanbase expenses. Bungies policy is disgusting, you cut people out content they paid for just because they did not buy your undeserving 20 euros recycled expansion. UPDATE People who downvote, play the game that you enjoy but don't you dare telling that those complaining are wrong, the Destiny community deserves better than this, it deserves evolution, innovation. This is no Destiny 1 Expansion, it is a sequel, it should be an improvement to the current state of Destiny 1. Peace

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