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Destiny 2

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12/7/2017 9:46:16 PM

D2, the world's okayest game

I am not even upset anymore lol. It's actually just sad to watch this game double down on its decision to remain lifeless and boring. The boss fight could have been completed by a brain damaged person. If you can walk in a straight line and shoot the big robot when it prompts you, you will complete it. The infinite inconvenience is the prettiest/ best sounding waste of time I have ever seen. There is no replay value in walking to my objective and having it turn left and give me fallen to then see it turn right and give me hive in the next sequence. The loot pool remains lifeless and devoid of any substance, (apart from the Prom. Lance, which is a mistake ironically). The ornaments are plain and uninteresting. Mercury is small and forgetful. You could toss me in a heroic strike and not even tell me and I wouldn't even realize I am playing a heroic strike- not to mention one of the 'new' strikes is one the story missions reskined as a strike. (u can't make this shit up) I hate to see someone at Bungie reading this who actually cares about the game they're working on, but I can't sit here and accept mediocrity. You have decided to go in a direction which I find tragic given your infinite resources and ability to create beautiful, immersive worlds where people actually want to get lost in. Instead, you would rather do the minimum, charge the maximum, sell the game back to me in pieces and then slap microtransactions on it as a bow (again). The worst part is that I am sure good ideas get brought up at meetings, but they're dismissed because although they would be cool, they won't generate the most income. Your demographic is now the ultra-casual gamer who appreciates the free exotics and legendaries, powering up to max without the raid or trials, free loot from those activities just because they're in a clan, no difficulty settings, static rolls because they don't know how to read perks, smaller skill trees because D1 skill tree was apparently too difficult to understand, and shit load of other changes that boggle my mind. There are ways to retain your veterans instead of shitting on them because they don't bring in the most money. COD does it by having barebones playlists, hardcore playlists, Runescape did it, Halo did it. Since you're willfully going to continue heading in this direction without actual user input and only going to communicate at your convenience, there is no use in constructive posts, or idea threads to make your game better. Why do you even give a shit about them if you're just going to do what you want anyway? You can make this game better tomorrow if you want, but you won't because doing it this way suits you better. Instead, I just gave you my review on COO, the game's general direction and how I feel about it. If any of you actually care about your game this should mean something to you, but if this is just a 10 year cash grab, feel free to skip past it and pretend it doesn't exist. Cheers.

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