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Bearbeitet von xXManwaxeRXx: 12/7/2017 11:55:52 PM

Removing Base Game Content And Locking It Behind DLC

How do you have the gall to do this? Currently, it is all over the Destiny Subreddit that you have now locked the prestige raid behind the DLC. In what world do you think it is remotely acceptable to take content from one of your games and force players to pay more money to unlock it again? You have taken what is supposed to be the most rewarding PvE endgame activity and forced players to pay for it a second time. The biggest issue I have with this, is how it comes across as a subscription fee. PC players have had the game for 1.5 months and now they are being made to pay even more money, JUST TO PLAY SOMETHING THEY HAVE ALREADY PAID FOR!!!! This is not acceptable. You even took heroic strikes, something that was a part of Destiny 1 and every D1 veteran demanded was brought back, and made it a part of the DLC. How can you do that? Heroic strikes were expected by everyone to be a part of the base game, and instead you butchered the basic design of Destiny 1 and bundled it in seperate packages we need to pay for separately. This is also unacceptable. Watching all the exciting and interesting loot of the game getting locked behind lootboxes was bad enough, and incredibly unethical, and yet you have managed to take another step and take away content that players have already paid for. What really takes the cake is that the base game is still costs the same amount despite you removing content from the game. I am extremely close to getting a refund for this game, something I never thought I would do, and it's easier now because it seems like Microsoft and Sony are giving them away like candy. Hell I have seen examples of people asking for a refund and Microsoft and Sony didn't even need an explanation! That's how well know this issue! I never thought Bungie would try to create a sense of pride and accomplishment by making everyone pay for the game a second time. Fix this Bungie, or else you will see even more people drop your game, and if I don't see any responses or improvements soon I'll add myself to the list. ***EDIT*** Thanks for the discussion everyone, I appreciate everyone expressing their opinions and discussing this topic. I unfortunately can't respond to anymore comments tonight but will be able to tomorrow. Just a reminder, please try and keep things civil.

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