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12/7/2017 4:20:07 PM

So , wheres the communication now??

You preached about listening and being more involved with our concerns. Yet here we are, 2 days later after you dropped a turd into the toilet. Yet still no comments about how underwhelming your DLC is? How people are being blocked out of the prestige modes if they didn't buy the DLC. How your new strike is a story mission with 2 others? How most weapons are re-skins again of previous weapons? How short the actual content of the DLC was? How much more angry your player base is? How dead the game feels right after a new DLC drops? How there is no time frame to fix Prom. Lens which is crippling PVP? Do you honestly think $20 was worth what you gave us? Stop being dick weeds and do something about this turd you call a game, no more PR bullshit. This isn't even a fall from grace. Its more like swan diving down a 20 step flight of stairs.

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