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12/1/2017 9:42:36 PM

MAYHEM & other Modifiers in a New Crucible Playlist

We should be asking for a new playlist where modifiers transform Crucible into a crazy awesome experience. Something like this is way more probable and easy to do then expecting Bungie to go back to 6V6 or to the Destiny 1 weapon system; D2's maps, PVE, and weapons have been built with the current systems in mind, and so those systems will not change, no matter how many people complain. A new playlist with special rules and modifiers is something that's totally doable without changing fundamental game systems, so it's much more realistic that Bungie would do that. Imagine a Crucible playlist with 2 weekly rotating modifiers like these: -[b]Glass Cannon:[/b] decreased health for increased time to kill -[b]Mayhem[/b]: faster ability recharge -[b]Empowered[/b]: guardians spawn and respawn with power ammo -[b]Low gravity[/b]: higher jumps, and slower falls -[b]Chosen[/b]: one player on each team is randomly imbued with a large buff to health and other stats, and killing this player grants the killer's team bonus points towards winning the match. The buff makes effected players glow (like an enraged knight), and it rotates to another player upon death of the wielder. I don't understand why I don't see others asking for things like this. If Bungie is trying to appease the hardcore PVP crowd with ranked Competitive and the return of private matches, why aren't players who care about the power fantasy and NOT balance not advocating for a PVP modes that support what they want out of the game?

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