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Bearbeitet von Soba_Fett: 12/1/2017 12:01:59 AM

Bungie, plz: my feedback on QoL changes that need to be made

I'm glad that Bungie is attempting to communicate more, but there were definitely some glaring things that should be mentioned: * Subclass nodes suck right now and make us all cookie-cutter - please give us a way to be unique * Please go back to Primary/Secondary/Power weapon types. This new system just doesn't work very well * We don't need more loot, just better loot (we don't even have room for more loot), so: * We need more Vault space and ways to sort by filters * The Shader system needs to be reworked. Why should we have to pay to apply shaders? We should just have a kiosk where we can repurchase Shaders that we've found. * Grenade/Ability cooldowns need to be reduced in PvE * Grenades on some subclasses need to be rebalanced (pulse grenades are OP, while lots of others suck) * Ammo (juggle) drops in PvE need to be fixed * Nightfall and modifiers need variety * Selectable Crucible match types * Better Crucible matchmaking (solo players vs pre-made groups is not ideal) * In-game communication options, Chat, LFG, something! * D1 locations need to come back * Since I main a Hunter, here are some broken things: * Hunter Nightstalker still has a broken super, tether needs to work faster, do damage on hit, and possibly supress other supers * Hunter Arcstrider super still needs some sort of roaming speed-up * Hunter Gunslinger super timer needs to be extended * Armor stats need to fixed - Hunter boots are still broken I didn't expect an immediate fix to all of the problems, but come on, just give us a reason to keep playing! These updates just seem boring, and not what we really need or want right now. Adding another tier of weapons is just going to make things worse than they are.

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