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Why Loot Boxes create a hostel environment for the community and why they will never work in Destiny 2.

With all the talk around Loot boxes and the problems that EA and now Bungie are going through I thought it would be a good time to start a dialogue as to why I think having them in Destiny 2 will only hurt Bungie and also the community in the long run. Loot Boxes by design tempt publishers/developers to push the boundaries as to what they can get away with. This is clear with how Bungie blatantly hid there XP scaler, and then how they "fixed (but not actually fixed) it." As long as Loot Boxes are in the game Bungie and Activision will try out new and slimy ways to make more money. Now why is this bad for Bungie? Its bad for them because yes Loot Boxes make them a lot of money, however I believe (and some analysts believe) that they are only short term gains. Loot Boxes will help kill there community. Because Loot Boxes are so tempting for developers/publishers to fiddle with to try and make more money and the fact that Bungie has proven that they have already tried this that as long as Loot Boxes are in the game we as a community will be forced to police Bungie to insure that they are doing right by us. Even if they don't change a thing about there Loot Boxes for months we still have to stay on are guard. All this dose is distance the community from the developers, and turns the game from a game to a job. Loot Boxes will only burn out the community and will cause it to fall apart, not all at once mind you but it will be a slow burn. Everyone will burn out and become jaded eventually getting to a point were there is no one left for Bungie to sell there products too. Trust and Passion about there products are probably the best things a developer strives for, but Loot Boxes kills our trust in Bungie and they strip away our passion about the product. Loot Boxes just create a hostel environment that I truly believe that not even the developers like. Bungie has spent almost two decades building a great community here and in the span of a week Loot Boxes have taken away almost everyones trust in them as a company. I personally was a huge fan of Bungie, I loved them as a company and I wanted to support them. I bought lots of merch, helped with there charity work, and talked about them in a good light to all of my friends and to people on the internet, and I think a lot of us were like that, but now after everything that they have done I just feel gross. I gave Bungie my trust and admiration, but then they just lied to my face and showed me that they were a soulless corporation that only wants my money. I know thats not the image that they want to portray and I do believe that they are more then that, but them keeping Loot Boxes in the game will never truly fill that gap that they have ripped open last week. I understand that Loot Boxes make companies a lot of money, but the fact that they can be easily manipulated and turned into these disgusting gambling addiction messes, I think it would be in everyones best interest for Bungie to remove them. Now I'm not saying remove the micro transactions all together, I think thats an unrealistic ask but getting rid of Loot Boxes would go a long way into restoring trust in the community. Just go back to Destiny one's micro transition model, make it exclusively emotes, weapon ornaments, and maybe add some some stuff for seasonal events like festival of the lost and the dawning. Then add the shaders, sparrows, ships, ghost shells, and armor back onto the game for us to actually earn. Bungie I know you will probably make a lot less money this way, but I think for the long term heath for your community that this is the right call to make. And hey if thats not a good enough reason to do it, then there is also the fact by doing this you set yourselves up for some great PR. With all the negativity around Loot Boxes, you getting rid of yours will definitely turn heads in the industry and god knows you need the good PR right now. I own bungie/Destiny shirts that I am literally embarrassed to wear in public now because of how the community has been treated, bungie please let me be proud to put them on again. I love this community so much that I kills me to see it all fall apart do to corporate greed.

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