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11/25/2017 4:05:39 AM

Laptop Nvidia Optimus not switching automatically.

Sunbarrow#1850 Configuration Info (Laptop) CPU:I7-3610qm GPU: gtx675m RAM:8gb GPU Driver Version: 388.31 (with DDU Clean Install) Operating System: Windows 7 64bit *I also have a desktop i play on and everything works fine there. Issue Information Destination/Activity: Running the game on Nvidia GFX Description: Destiny 2 will not switch over to the NVIDA dedicated card no matter how many different options are tried. The card is a 2gb card but when running it only shows 64mb as available vram indicating that the cpu is processing the Graphics. The game is barely playable. Options tried: 1. Clean installing all drivers, rolling back drivers, turning off drivers. 2. forcing the destiny.exe to use Nvidia Card in the nvidia control panel. 3. forcing physx to use the nvidia card. 4. Updating windows updates completely. 5. trying to play in all window types (borderless, fullscreen, windowed .etc) 6. closing any overclocking or background apps while playing. it's possible there's an issue i haven't seen or have skipped over but i believe this is a problem that should be looked into. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you,

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