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11/21/2017 4:01:32 AM

Is there any way to turn off controller support entirely in PC Destiny 2??

As the title states, is there anyway to do this? I use a hybrid set up with a Razor Wilcat controller in my left hand for movement, jumping, crouching, sprinting, grenades, super, interact and reload. And a multi button mouse in my right hand for all other commands. I rarely have to touch the keyboard and this is much more natural to me as a 63-year-old retired veteran then my left hand on the keyboard which is somewhat screwed up from the Army LOL. I use Xpadder to map all of the keys on the controller. The problem is that there are constant moments in the game when it tries to recognize my controller which then overrides my keyboard mappings. I usually can get out of it fairly quickly by hitting the escape key which will reverts it back to keyboard control, but it always seems to happen at a critical moment in a Raid or Nightfall and sometimes it will hold the controller settings for several seconds before reverting which makes me totally dead meat in those hectic events. It would obviously be better to just not have the controller recognized at all by the game and just let Xpadder do it’s magic. Alternatively, should I forget fussing with it and go XIM4 route and hook it to the PC. Will my hybrid setup even work with the XIM4?

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