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11/21/2017 3:40:27 AM

Hardlight core swapping

I believe that the Hardlight should be able to swap cores like the Borealis is able to on the PS4 by holding the reload button. This won't change anything in PVP since elements won't alter damage, but will DEFINITELY help clean things up in PVE and Nightfalls. It's a really clunky thing to have to open and manually swap over cores whenever you need it, especially when the same gun, just a sniper variation already has the ability to swap at will. The Borealis will be accessible for PC and Xbox later on, anyways so there is no reason to not allow this. OR at least allow us to create a bind to quick change the elements or quick access to the hardlight menu. I dunno. It just feels really clunky and off putting if you want to use the mechanic. Why not just change the element on any other energy weapon instead?

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