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PLEDGE: Not Buying DLC Until Loot and Progression are Fixed

Story: I just completed the prestige nightfall and got awarded some random legendary auto rifle that I don't care about and at a level that made no difference to me at all. I then went on to run around the tower for about 10 minutes trying to find a reason to actually play something... I just can't be bothered. There's no reason to do anything. There's no great item to grind for. There's no golden carrot on a stick... The only time I feel joy from a drop in this game is when it improves my power level. If it doesn't then I dismantle it because I know what the best weapons are. I have those weapons. I don't need anything else and there is no possibility for me to find something better. Why should I keep playing this game that is supposed to keep me wanting to play? Every weapon except for the select few are just trash that is only there to waste my time. If there were random rolls then every weapon would be worth looking at. I've already seen the random rolls argument a million times so I don't want this to be all about that, but it is something that definitely kept me playing in D1. D2 needs something like it. Some random element that is unique enough to make you want to show everyone and say "Yo check out what I got before!". What in Destiny 2 makes you want to brag? What do I have in this game that makes me appreciate the time I spent here? The exotics certainly aren't good enough to create that feeling. Bungie are too scared of making things good and powerful. The vendor weapons are always the best because less time is put into balancing them. They start off good and they end good. Raid weapons and Trials weapons are no better than vendor weapons... In fact, they're usually worse because Bungie put more effort into balancing the things that are supposed to be good. They start off great and end up worse. That's at least how I feel about the situation and what I'm assuming is going on behind the scenes (could be totally wrong tho, idk). I actually really enjoy the PVP on PC. I can feel a legitimate sense of desire to improve at the game... The Pledge: Give me reasons to grind!!!!!! Players should not be running out of reasons to play in an MMO styled game a month after release! That is just a complete and utter fail in game design and I'm really sorry to say that.... I have hope, and I know everyone has seen post after post about the same things but I wanted to share my thoughts anyway. I care about the game and I like Bungie. I just wanna see this sh1t shine! So I'm making a pledge to not buy any of the D2 DLC until I hear that the loot and progression systems are improved upon and/or fixed. Once we have a substitute for random rolls that makes every piece of loot something to be intrigued by and/or a golden carrot to chase I will be all in and you can have my money... But until then I will not be buying the DLC.

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