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Player controlled Ghost revive

Request:------------- Could we have a gametype where it's like elimination. However if you die you switch to a 1st or 3rd person view of your ghost who spawns a little bit away from the body. With the ability to fly around. Description:-------------- You have to revive yourself, but at the risk of the other team destroying your ghost. Give the ghost about 100 hit points (i.e. 2 shots can destroy it's shell). If the player is killed by a super, it destroys the ghost as well. (It's called a "Super" for a reason right?) Res would take the normal amount of time putting the player ghost at risk. If it's shell is destroyed, the player is out for the round or game. Another option for this, if you know you have a much more skilled player on your team, or multiple players are down. You can help teammates. Example:------------- One teammate is still standing and fighting (or running away with thier hair on fire), two of your teammates ghost shells are destroyed, and your ghost is left flying around to make the clutch play of the game. After the enemy team makes a kill, they have a very important decision to make, shoot the remaining guardians or go after the ghost. The ghost can res/repair the other ghost shells or guardian. This game mode can or cannot be round based since it could draw out. To alleviate drawn out games you can still have the lives remaining countdown and a ghost timer. You have 30 seconds or a minute to res yourself or someone on your team before ghost "runs out of light". If there is 1 life left, lets make a team call and give it to our best player. Controls:------------- Jump would make the ghost rise up Crouch would make the ghost descend Movement speed would be the same as a guardians Sprint speed. Sprint button would give the ghost a blink like transmat in the direction it was moving (with a hefty cool down, gotta get away from the dead body somehow) Benefits:----------------- This has potential to make for some exciting high risk/reward moves. Destiny 2 seems to be lacking in the "clutch" moves as of lately and a game like this could make for some exciting playtime and footage. It would definitely set destiny apart from every other shooter out there too for spectators and players. Will the player res himself or thier teammate who had thier super still?!?! Who knows. "You have one life to give guardian, MAKE IT COUNT!" - Lord Shax Afterthought:------------- Maybe add this as a nightfall modifier or perk for solo nightfall players. Would be great in the darkness zones. There are so many possibilities where this would add tense "grave danger" feeling to the game, even on patrol in a public event. "Why did I think it was a good idea to shoot the tanks leg with a shotgun..."

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