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[BUNGEE GUM] - Eastern NA | PC | Nightfalls | Discord | Weekend raiding | Strikes | Crucible | Level 2

[u]Bungee Gum is looking to recruit new and diverse members.[/u] [b]TLDR: We're looking for players to raid with us on weekends, and to run nightfalls throughout the week. The founders and I are based out of Canada, and we're looking for other members, preferably on the east coast or similar time zones. That being said, we welcome all, as well as beginner players, and we're commitment-free.[/b] We're looking for new and active members to raid with, as well as do weekly Nightfalls, crucible, etcetera, and to build our clan into a tight knit group. The current clan members and I are long time friends, with a very crass sense of humor, but we're welcoming all who are interested in joining. We're mostly active weekends due to work, and a bit throughout the week in the evening (5pm and later), but if you see a member online, don't hesitate to message them. No requirements, no restrictions, just join and kick back. - We've recently completed Leviathan, and we're gearing up for hard mode in two weeks. - Trials of the Nine every weekend - Crucible throughout the week. If you're interested: [b]1) Upvote this thread[/b] 2) Drop your Battlenet ID and a comment below. 3) Add Ark#1581 and I'll send you an invitation 4) Check out our clan page: [url=][/url] Feel free to private message me with any questions regarding the clan, and please don't forget to join our discord! We're more active in discord than Bungie's clan page. You can find our discord link in the clan description!

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