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PC - NA | MIC REQUIRED | 18+ | Frickz | Discord | 280+ | Raids | Trials | Crucible | Strikes

We're are a extremely active group looking for members that are willing to commit to the grind. We mainly are looking at building squads for raids crucible and strikes. As well as being active and using mics for these events. We are also looking for members that will help each other out with these events and help enforce rules in the discord to prevent any off putting events. We have a active discord with well over 350 members Running Raids Every Reset Day And Throughout The Week. Running Trials Every Weekend To join 1. Upvote this post 2. Tell me about yourself 3. Join The Discord 4. Post Your Battlenet in the application room 5. Apply [B]Active members will be transfered to our main clan FRICKS which is currently lvl 6.[/b]

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