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The Young Wolves Are Recruiting. (PS4/ Xbox players)

Greetings Guardians. The Young Wolves We are looking to expand our clan & taking a step towards clearing raids/trails events in a regular timely manner, & hopefully forming consistent raid teams in the process. To this end we have a few requirements: 1. You need to have the destiny 2 app. 2. Upvote this post. 3. Agree to join our Discord where we set up events. [b][u]What we are looking for...[/u][/b] [i]* active members who want to play with clanmates regardless of skill or experience * Players who are laid back and looking to have fun * Players who will be involved with the clans activities and all of its members[/i] We are primary looking to bolster our European player base. We have a hand full of guardians looking to do endgame content. But numbers are a problem. Please note, at this time we are not looking for solo players. We are a level 6 clan. With around a 50-50 split between Xbox/PS4 & a hand full of blizzard players. If you are at all interested, or even if your not, a like on this post would be mostly appreciated, so that other can find us. Life is busy, so I will get back to you as soon as humanly possible. Thank you

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