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Bearbeitet von Weezyb: 11/16/2017 8:55:08 PM

[PC] [US] [21+] [Discord] Fatal Gaming l Raiding l Nightfall l Strikes l VERY ACTIVE

Fatal Gaming Community Est. nov 2014 [b][u]THIS IS FOR PC GAMING[/u][/b] yooooo whats goin on everyone, thanks for stopping in and seein whats up the names WeezyB and I'm the founder of this majestic gentleman's club. What we are lookin to scout out here today are some top end active ADULT players. We are most active in the evenings through late night. We want players who enjoy raiding and the pve content of the game and don't mind doin PvP as well (although pve is our focus). Obviously we want our players to be somewhat skilled and able to perform the raids even on the prestige modes. Here are some things we can offer ya and some that we are looking for as well. [b][u]What we got for ya[/u][/b] - we have a very active discord server - a long history of knowing how to operate and organize a gaming network - an adult community! 21 years or older. - we have twitch streamers, and we support fellow streamers, that goes the same for their language guidelines.... but other than that nothing else is politically correct - a damn good time. guarantee it, your gonna laugh and actually enjoy loggin into the game knowing you got some solid people to game with - very active and competitive community members [b][u]What we expect from ya[/u][/b] - gotta have a workin mic, we like hangin and chillin with the people we are gaming with - gotta be 21 or older - be involved in the community, see what people are up to. dont be afraid to group up for stuff - gotta be decent... i mean no one wants to carry - Be able to perform raid mechanics efficiently RAID DAYS: tues/wed 830pm (CST) start well that about sums it all up. bottom line people, if your lookin to slay bodies and reap loot and have a damn good time doin it, i can honestly say that there is no better place. you wont regret it add me on discord Bryce#8569 bnet tag: weezyb#1870 [b]IF YOU ADD ME ON DISCORD OR BNET [U]YOU NEED TO MEESEGE ME[/u] WITH YOUR AGE AND POWER LEVEL[/b] ***Please upvote the post in the top left corner if your interested in joining***

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