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11/15/2017 4:09:38 AM

New Clan Recruiting Quantum_Light Quantum_Light is a clan dedicated to making a gaming community. We are a group of Guardians looking to provide a fun and supportive environment for all those who join. We focus on helping people with in game activities such as raids, nightfalls, trials, strikes, flashpoints, PVP and PVE of all kinds! We want to stay in constant communication with our members to ensure they are accomplishing their game goals. Our goal is to make this clan a social space for people to hang and just have a fun time playing Destiny. We will communicate through both the companion app and a discord server. Looking to focus on roleplaying characters and lore discussion. Our Admins are also knowledgeable about class builds and weapon loadouts. All we ask is for friendly and courteous players. If you are looking for a clan that feels like a group of friends, please join us.

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