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11/14/2017 2:16:19 AM

Stutter in Destiny 2 with video proof and proper post formatting

Game breaking - My game consistently stutters


Minor - My game sometimes stutters


It's fine - No stuttering.


[b]BattleTag[/b]: Rationalist#1246 [b]Configuration Info[/b] CPU: i7 3770k (no OC) GPU: 1080 Ti MSI Gaming X RAM: 16gb DDR3 GPU Driver Version: 388.13 (latest) Operating System: windows 10 pro version 1709 DxDiag: [b]Issue Information[/b] Raw youtube link to video proof: Always at start of play, it's usually pretty smooth with tiny but infrequent microstutters (even on latest version). Then, as I play more, it starts doing this exaggerated jerk/stutter when moving the mouse. It is very prevalent when just slowly panning the mouse from one side to the other and does produce a nasty stutter when participating in fast paced action. It's like the movement of the mouse doesn't register until half a second later and you get this "catch up" jerk. When it gets bad, it does this probably 10 times (AT LEAST) in one sweep from left to right. It doesn't even feel like a standard hitch. It's almost like a hair is caught in the mouse sensor causing problems registering or something. However, I have cleaned sensor with air and this issue is not a problem in any other games that I use the same mouse with. It's secluded to Destiny 2 on my system.
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