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Wir investigieren zurzeit Probleme, die die Destiny 2-Dienste beeinträchtigen. Bis diese behoben sind, können verschiedene Destiny 2- sowie Unterbrechungen erfahren. Bleibt mit @BungieHelp auf dem Laufenden.


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Bearbeitet von Boomboyz17: 11/28/2017 3:38:18 PM

Closed PS4 We are recruiting! The Lord's Alliance is welcoming any guardians, new and experienced! Endgame, PVP, Friendly and Helpful

Update: We are full but if youre interested if joining in send me a message. I'll take note of it and once there's a opening, I'll contact you. Hello Guardians, Our clan, The Lord's Alliance, is a growing clan with many causal, but serious members. We are very patient and are generally nice with helping everyone. We welcome anyone new to the game and are open to help or teach you with Raid, Crucible, Nightfall etc.. activities! We are active and would love for new clan members to be active as well. We are very friendly, and open to new members! We would love for our clan to grow and become something bigger to help many casuals enjoy gameplay. Please don’t hesitate to check us out! I feel that it’s important to incorporate diversity. Whether you are male or female, American or Italian, we are open to many different players! Also note: we do not condone bigotry, immaturity, and very uncalled for behavior. We promote kindness and respect! With that being said, please leave a comment and upvote if you are interested! Our clan link is:

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