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Bearbeitet von Skyburners Xanax: 11/14/2017 6:43:43 PM

The Vault is so bad right now

I'm really surprised that we cannot sort vault items in-game. When I open the vault in the tower (not the farm cause why?) it looks like my neighbors garage. Crap piled everywhere in no real order. When you take something out everything moves. It makes it very hard to find specific weapons/armors. D1 vault was fine, why the downgrade? Was this by design or just a rushjob/laziness? It's not really the biggest deal, I just don't understand how we can have nice organized pages in things like Triumph/Record books in D1 but in the NEWEST iteration of the game our vault looks like a child's Lego collection. I like how they rebuilt the tower after the Cabal were pushed back out of the city but built the vault like the backroom at a super busy shoe store. Thank you all for making this trending, now who wants to carry me in trials 🤣

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