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11/13/2017 7:33:17 PM

Is the game-ruining stuttering being worked on to be removed?

I also have this issue


I do not have this issue

29 Keep in mind in this youtube video the stuttering is about ten times worse than what it actually looks like here. I used the geforce shadowplay to record it so I don't know why it doesn't record it exactly the way I see it when I play. If I need to I could set up my phone and record the screen while I'm playing, anything to help them get rid of this game ruining problem. Anyway, I've made several posts about this and I am directly asking someone from Bungie what they are doing specifically to fix this game crippling issue that has ruined the entire game completely since launch for people with this issue. I mean I've already given my standard specs a bunch of times I don't want to go through that again because it's all in the dxdiag report anyway, I just want to know what they are specifically doing to fix this problem. I want an answer from them directly because this has been a problem since launch almost a month ago. 20+ days now. It took a game I would already only give maybe a 7/10 and crushed it nearly beyond repair. There is no possible way I'm buying any dlc now unless they fix this issue completely because stuttering in pc games is the worst possible nightmare that can happen and is the single reason I always recommend people mainly play video games on consoles because tons of pc games over the last 3-5 years, big name games, have come out with god awful problems because it's so hard to program for pc where for console it's a lot easier. Like many others here, I've tried many, many things and nothing works because it is a game-specific issue which I would assume is a server issue maybe combined with a vsync issue. I know it's something wrong with the servers because, like other people have said, if I connect through America which is where I am, it starts stuttering badly within a minute, two tops. If I connect to the Europe servers I can extend that a few minutes but only a few before it starts doing it. It carries over to other parts of the game too when it happens and doesn't stop without restarting the game. It seems to be tied to the open world aspect like others have said because if I start the game and go directly to doing strikes or pvp I can play those straight for hours without stuttering. If I do anything else first, public events, visit the tower, anything, it stutters and doesn't stop.
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