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Is Your Game REALLY Not Stuttering? Make us a video.

45 out of 61 people report stuttering now, in the thread linked below. That's 73% of those who voted. My bet would be that 16 of you are lucky enough not to be sensitive to stuttering. I hope i'm wrong, because that would mean that there's hope for the rest of us. Please do us a favor. If you think you don't have a stuttering problem, go do some public events / resources in EDZ or Nessus [b]with multiple guardians around[/b] and after 4 or 5 of them record a 3 minute video of you slowly moving (panning horizontally) your mouse around the same area. 60fps would be preferable, resolution doesn't really matter. It would also help to record your first 3 minutes as you log into the game, for comparison. Rig information and GPU drivers would also help. Thanks in advance.
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