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11/14/2017 3:09:49 PM

Constant Disconnects PC

Seriously! what's the issue here? baboon, weasel, bee, please connect using battlenet launcher etc etc etc took me 3 hours to complete the crucible challenge today through constant disconnects. Often getting the message "there's an issue with your network" nope, that's fine.. I have zero issues with any other game and i can be connected to WOW at the same time as D2, D2 will disconnect and WOW (with notoriously shitty latency at times) will be just fine and still be connected. I have 2 separate ISP coming into my home and the issue is the same using either, I even tried with VPN's, changing regions and STILL have these frequent repeated disconnects. Searching online I see many people across formats have this issue, yet see no ownership or admission of an problem from Bungie, just blaming users internet connection. I even started second guessing myself and had the internet people out to check...all is golden. NAT is also fine but the issue remains. At the very least please give some info of any ongoing problems and possible fixes. I'm sure myself and others facing similar issues would be patient and more than happy to put up, shut up and wait for a solution if only there were admission of an issue and a promise of resolution in the future. At the moment all I see is a dwindling player base and that's such a shame as I've really enjoyed this release as I'm sure have many others.
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