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[PC][EU][Discord][Mic required][LVL 6 Clan][Prestige][Active] Häkke Incorporated looking for people for raid and trails of the nine! WE GOT SLOTS!!! The Destiny companion APP is a must until they add clan chat We need active players that can raid in whenever we will have multiple raid teams and we check activity every wednesday if u have not been online for at least 8 hours u get kicked in certain circumstances u will get furlow for a week or to. We [b][u]GOT SPOTS[/u][/b] we will have more spots appear as time goes on, post something about yourself/powerlvl on the thread and u might be inv to the clan don't forget to check ur inv list every day if u dont join the clan with in 2 days after clan inv is sent i will recind it. Powerlvl to join will be around 275. Clan is open for everyone u only need to know english and have discord. We are a group of experienced FPS players that liked destiny 1. Currently, we are looking to expand our clan up to 100 experienced players. You will be able to get your weekly clan legendary engram rewards by just being a member of our clan. We're looking forward to the end-game content such as raids and trial runs and would be happy to have you in our team. How do I join? 1. Up vote this Thread. (Click on the up arrow in the top left corner of this post, next to my name) 2. And post a comment about urself (power lvl & how many chars u got) and why u want to join and we will contact u soon enough Our Discord Server:

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