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11/11/2017 12:57:26 PM

If CoO is bringing back old Exotics... Helm of Saint-14?

Seriously, I think we need this helmet back. As of right now, Ward of Dawn is practically useless, and is in desperate need of a buff. Although it wouldn't be a buff directly, the Helm of Saint-14 would help make it a little bit more useful. Not to mention that Saint-14 had a history with Osiris. The last thing known about Saint-14 was him heading to Mercury to deal with Osiris. Would be the perfect time to bring back the helmet. Maybe even give us a quest to get it, or take us to Saint-14 final resting place and obtain it there? Not to mention Titans only have two exotic helmets, as opposed by the Warlock's four and the Hunter's three. The Hunters' old Graviton Forfeit was even seen, too, so it makes sense for Titans and Warlocks to get a returning armor piece as well. Plus, the helmet is just badass, and I miss it.

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