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My fps stuttering has only gotten worse since the supposed fix, please help.

Hey everyone, Sorry in advance if this is redundant but I've looked everywhere and haven't found anything I feel I can specifically use to help my stuttering problem. SO, for starters, before the big drop on everyone's performance maybe I had a stutter every now and then, but it was running fine and I had no problem enjoying the most demanding portions of the game. However, it's now only gotten worse (since initially becoming problematic a week and half or so ago) and almost everything is unplayable for me, especially crowded PEs and PVP. My setup: Alienware 13 r3 I5-6300hq (2.3-3.2 GHz) 1060 6gb 32gb ram Currently running: 1080 default Fullscreen 60 FPS (supposedly) all LOWEST video settings possible Experience: Dropping from 60 fps when wandering around to anywhere from 10-25 fps every 10-30 seconds when in a large pve firefight, crucible match, crowded social area view, or public event. I have run checks on everything I could think of, or which has been recommended elsewhere, but I can't for the life of me fix this problem. Please help.
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