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[PC][NA]| Lag Spike Esports Looking to Build Tournament Team |

As the title says, Lag Spike Esports is looking to create a Destiny 2 PvP Tournament team. As an organization we are looking for highly skilled PvP players in Destiny 2 who are willing to work with a handful of other people to become a hard hitting team on the Destiny scene. As it is for an Org, your stats and skill will have to be far above the average player so I will lay out some baseline stats: [u]Minimum Requirements[/u] -Have either a 2+ overall K/D in Competitive Crucible- OR -Have Diamond+ elo in Trials of the Nine AND -Friendly- -Willing to play with the same few teammates daily- There will be required practice sessions during the week and possibly some meetings. [b][u]If you're interested do the following:[/u][/b] -Like this post- -Add me on Discord at Alpine#4028- [u]Lag Spike Esports looks forward to seeing what you have to offer![/u]

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