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11/9/2017 7:19:51 PM

Banned for no reason.

I have been playing Destiny 2 on PC for the last 4 days with no problems. Tried to play today and got the "your account has been banned" message when trying to start the game. Read the DESTINY ACCOUNT RESTRICTIONS AND BANNING POLICIES and the DESTINY 2 PC AND THIRD-PARTY APPLICATION FEATURE COMPATIBILITY help articles and the only thing I can see that may have caused the ban is that I use MSI Afterburner to monitor my gpu (no overlays used) and Razer Cortex (also no overlays-just game booster to free up ram and close unnecessary background programs). I am very surprised that there is no appeal system and no way to contact / email Bungie about this issue. Any help on how to get this ban removed so I can once again play this excellent game would be greatly appreciated.
#Help #pcsupport

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