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11/8/2017 8:52:03 PM

Each reputation vendor should reward a ghost after X rank ups that provides bonus tokens

I'm proposing that each vendor will reward the player character with an exclusive ghost that increases token drops for certain activities after reaching a high rank (since it's obvious that the rank is tracked since 3rd party sites are able to tell) with them. The ghosts should be unique and match thematically with the rest of the gear from the vendor. Also, the ghosts should not be able to be placed in the vault or transferred between characters, but if you decide to dismantle the ghost then you should be able to get it back from the vendor (high glimmer or legendary shards cost). For our planetary vendors, the ghosts should increase token gains for patrols, public events, adventures, and lost sectors. For all the other vendors it should increase it for the activities that they cover.

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