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Bearbeitet von AChiLLi: 11/7/2017 9:40:39 AM

No Faction Token Rollover

As one of i'm sure many players who grinded hours during the first faction rally I am incredibly annoyed to see that none of the tokens will rollover into the one starting now. How many dedicated players spent hours accumulating hundreds if not thousands of tokens only to discover them vanish. I was allowed to keep them throughout the last couple weeks for no real purpose, yet now when I can apply them to another character to get a head start they are not there. Seriously? You can't reward the players who spent so much time the first time around when the next event starts. With the many many complaints the player base is posting on the forums I'm not surprised to be let down again. No need to grind this week too much, you clearly don't gain an advantage by earning over the weekly limit. Overall this is truly disappointing Edit: For clarification, I'm aware that Bungie stated they would not rollover into the next event. I'm simply stating how there is no incentive to grind past a certain point unless you want an endless amount of faction shaders. Furthermore with the engrams being purely luck based, players who can dedicate the time to accumulating the tokens, they should not be capped and forced to play a lottery for the gear. This seems to be a glaring hole in the faction rallies design.

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