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11/6/2017 6:42:20 PM

Feature Request - Looking For Group In-Game

I think it would be reasonable to implement another UI/View within the Clan/Fireteam screen that could be used for Looking For Group activities. This could potentially tie into the back-end for the "Find Fireteam" portion of the site. This would provide a way of finding and creating Fireteams for world adventures, roving, or strikes and raids. The logic for forming and adjusting Fireteams would be the same as exists but this UI could categorize them by what people are looking to group for. For example, top-level categories might include Raid, Strike, PVE, PVP. Sub-categories could be specific raids, strikes, or pve adventures. It would be great to not have to minimize the game and/or use a secondary device to LFG for finding other players that may be working toward the same goals as you. I would love to be able to stay in-game from launch until I stop playing for the day.

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