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ursprünglich gepostet in: Uh What? I was banned for no reason?
11/6/2017 5:14:34 PM
I know one of the "I got banned" posters here admitted to using cheat tools on another site (for another game). Not very smart, I recall Bungie discussing this well before D2 was even launched. I hate to say it, I really do, but bye Felicia. To anyone else that plays on PC and likes to play other games with cheat tools, I recommend the following approach. First, do not run Destiny on your PC in its current state. Stop. Uninstall Destiny altogether. Second, partition your hard drive and install windows again on the second partition. You may have to go look this up, no time to play mentor, and there are abundant well written guides online. This will allow you to dual boot to one of 2 OS's. With the newly untouched OS install, you probably can play Destiny without a hitch so long as you do not install any other software on this partition / OS. I can just about guarantee you will never get banned if you do this. Choose not to? That is on you. Everyone else not using cheat tools of any kind, you are probably safe. Sorry but your buddy poster completely ruined my opinion on this. Henceforth if someone gets banned, they are guilty before innocent. The only folks I will believe is Bungie. As for them telling anyone what caused the ban specifically, I do not blame them for one instant. They are protecting themselves. If they say "You had both X and Y running" all that is going to do is give people tools and information in order to work around it. By keeping quiet, they are not allowing cheaters the luxury of knowing what to work on next. I had a bit of pity at first, but that has waned.

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