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tl;dr: I doubt it's just "I had stuff open", I suspect it's more likely people are reporting players and Bungie are reviewing, potentially misinterpreting certain applications, and then issuing the bans. If it were automatic I'd have been banned in the first week. --- I'm putting this here because it might help for context. I haven't been banned (I closed my latest session before starting to write this reply), and my system is loaded down heavily with programming, debugging, and reverse engineering software. I need this software for work related reasons, so removing them is a no-go. I gave myself a quick read-through of the FAQs before I started, and things seem to be okay. I suspect there's more going on here than just "I had things open", because I've played a fair amount of Destiny 2 with mates, and alt-tabbed, written some code (with Visual Studio 2017 open), and even left a suspended process attached to windbg, VS2017's debugger, or other debuggers. Sometimes they need to go AFK for a few minutes (or more), so being able to do this is great (though these days it's usually Rust or Go, so it's VS Code, which is lighter, but that isn't so much the point beside it not being an IDE). I've even had terminal sessions open to other systems, and a VM running Kali Linux actively hammering a networked node as part of extended fuzzing. (The terminal sessions are relevant because they were moving a lot of encrypted data, albeit over LANs, and in two cases, a corporate VPN.) The big difference here I think is the community. I avoid PvP unless it's to get my crucible progress for the week. Most of the time my PvP games are atrocious: people warp, don't take hits, but somehow hit me (complaints further on this really belong elsewhere, so I won't drone on). My connection is fairly standard for where I am (which is to say I maintain 900-1000 kbps upload), which is more than sufficient to meet the minimum 5kbps per-other-player to not look like I'm skipping around. I've even monitored people using a second monitor (running on the Intel GPU) which displays NetLimiter (blocking, limiting, and priorities disabled), and it seems to be fairly standard where I am to have 5-10kbps being the range of transfer (I don't manipulate it, I just notice/watch it). As a result, despite my very occasional domination of opposition, I seriously doubt I'm being reported for cheating or bad network connections. However, I do report people who have a bad connection (usually benefit of the doubt, though when it's clear they're manipulating because the graph display shows spikes that are irregular and match their number of kills, it goes to network manipulation so Bungie can investigate that). I do not grief, or mess around with, anyone who isn't on my fireteam. This isn't to say I do it to/with them either, but rather, if we're mucking around with emotes, or seeing "what would happen if", we do it with consent of one another. Again, there'd be no evidence of that, and it's hugely unlikely I'd have eaten a report. Save for Day 1, I haven't launched (and thus Destiny 2) as administrator. I am painfully aware of [url=]the policy of requiring administrator rights[/url], but, as long as you don't have Destiny 2 (or other games) inside a folder which is restricted, you can get away with ignoring it (save for initial firewall nonsense for Destiny 2 on launch day, which was super weird). I have experienced network issues. A lot of network issues. I've gotten too familiar with various error codes (the recent one being baboon since the patch), where at certain times (typically as certain regions are likely to come online), I get punted back to orbit or I'm forced to reload into strikes. However, and perhaps to my own fortune, this has only been in PvE; if it happened in PvP I'd likely leave (I don't play competitive unless a quest requires it of me, so my team can pick up new members if I leave, and they'd have a disadvantage if I stayed). All of this said, I've never had anything inject into the game, nor have I run anything that could. Nothing runs as administrator that shouldn't, and I keep my system patched (it's Windows 10 and I let it update constantly). Regardless, I suspect the bigger issue is user reports. So I have the following two questions for those who are posting as programmers or developers, as I assume you're going to understand my logic/reasoning: - Has your internet connection had issues that could cause false positives for network related cheating (bad links to other players, either due to your own equipment (including software firewalls), or due to your ISP)? - Have you been in a situation where players are likely to have reported you for anything that is remotely ban worthy? --- For Bungie, and my own thoughts, I'd like to ask if it's possible to at least give a category(s) and/or number of reports issued against the user when they get banned. I know that most anti-cheat setups are designed not to give the information away (so that people making cheats can't just sidestep it), but at least knowing you got X reports (particularly if you were told which modes (Cruc:QP, Cruc:Comp, Trials, Raid:Lev, etc.)), it might give you some idea as to what it is you're meant to have done. As it stands I'd imagine that if the bans continue at this rate it's probably going to land in class action territory in certain countries. Being uneffected, despite running a lot of background software (which doesn't interfere), makes me suspect the community element. I hope that some/any of this helps certain people, even if it's just about writing reports/tickets and requesting information. Please be sure to ask Bungie if it was user reports, or automated, because if it was automated despite their assurance the bans are manual, it means there's a problem in their manual system.

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