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11/1/2017 5:46:20 PM

APEX-Gaming - PC Clan | EU | Discord | PvP | Ranked | Raids | Nightfall | Strikes | Fireteams

Hello everyone and welcome to APEX Gaming. We are a friendly community of gamers looking for like minded individuals who want to both have fun enjoying Destiny 2 but also have a competitive side who strive for greatness. We look to enjoy and participate in all aspects of the game, from PvE, Co-op, Raids, Nightfalls, public events, casual PvP and competitive PvP with both dedicated and non-dedicated teams. Whatever aspects you enjoy, we will enjoy them together. Whilst this will be a community based clan there will be competitive teams within APEX Gaming for both the crucible and potentially eSports events. Voice comms would be greatly desired. Facebook clan page for group finders also available. Group up or message me, donHaize #2684 for a taster if you are interested or simply apply, it may very well be your destiny 2 join us !

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