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Constructive Criticism Only

I believe this game is really close to being what you wanted it to be. The biggest issue people are having is not with how the game plays but with the end game content due to static roles and lack of incentive. I believe both of those go hand in hand but the content you would "add" would not be drastic or some giant overhaul like some are suggesting. It may not be easy (I'm no developer) but definitely doable. And I know, there is nothing quite like getting told what to do by someone who has no idea how to do what you do 😏 Anyways, here are just some thoughts: * add a ranking system for competitive * have competitive or at least trials make your light power be taken into account, instead of it being a barrier for entry. This may be controversial as some would say that the difference from d1 was negligible either way but I believe even a little difference would be some recognition for grinding that ever elusive number. Otherwise, what's the point? * add daily challenges that matter. They don't have to award you with a luminous engrams power boost. They could be as hard as nightfall strikes but award you with exotics engrams instead or legendary shaders or emotes, hell, even glimmer; that you normally can't get from that specific activity. It's another farming component that wouldn't piss off casuals as they're not missing they're weekly leveling and give some of the more hardcore players just a smidge more incentive to get on daily. * set clear goals with the token system. I assume you already know this one but it's really crucial you get this right. Tokens are good for the game, just give it a little more depth and you'll be set. * have seasonal rotations for perks in weapons that affect styles of play and not its effectiveness. Something I would be really hopefully (but would be a sort of overhaul) is the mod system. This could have been a great farm incentive but due to balance reasons or for making the game not pay to win, the mods are underwhelming. I think this alone could have completely changed how people play this game as its importance would garner a lot more hours of grinding to make builds that feel impactful to gameplay. Not sure if you even check the forums anymore but for the consumers on these forums; if you'd like to add on to some of these thoughts or argue against them, you name it, feel free to do so and have a good day!

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