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10/26/2017 2:47:33 AM

Dedicated servers for the Competitive Crucible mode at least?

I get the feeling you guys are trying to work your way into the eSports scene seeing as how you added a competitive mode to Crucible, thought id ask can we get some dedicated servers for the competitive mode at least? It often feels like I'm playing the connection more so than I am playing against the opponent, not sure if any of the casuals here will understand what I'm saying but being 3400+ SR in Overwatch I easily notice the small details that come with not having dedicated servers... Dedicated servers would without a doubt offer a much more crisp rewarding PVP experience. I really hope Destiny 2 is able to appeal to the competitive crowed this time around as I feel it has a ton of potential but I feel dedicated servers are a must at some point or at least fine tune the connection settings more.

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