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Just wait until the big boys start to give their thoughts about the game...

As soon as the big boys on the PC side start trying out the game, they will see the issues this game has. I doubt Bungie realizes that PC players put a TON of time on games. PC streamers have large crowds of people and honesty I feel this is where the money comes from, not the casuals. If Bungie was smart, they would know when to drop the wheelchair for Tom father of 3 children and actually make the end game what it should be. Not saying to completely ignore the casual player, but maybe, I don't know... [b][i]MAKE THIS GAME PLAYABLE[/i][/b]. You have competitive Overwatch players coming and trying out PvP... "oh I thought I killed him... I guess not?". You have hardcore WoW and Diablo players jumping on, giving their game a break to try something new... "I'm so happy I got this exotic gun, I bet this thing is going to do so much...oh, nevermind, just takes off their shields." "Alright I just finish this last thing I needed, what's next?...oh there is nothing else? guess it's back to WoW". Bungie, I love ya all, and I would hate when the big boys drop the hammer and basically embarrassed the whole company. Yall really don't understand how big these people are compared to console streamers.

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