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10/13/2015 1:25:14 AM

New Xbox one clan. Blood Centurions

New Xbox 1 clan. If you're looking for good players who know what they're doing. Can get the job done, have fun while they're doing it and are reliably there for you. Join our group and run a strike or a raid with us, see how it goes. We will be running lots of raids and strikes, and for pvp we have one of the best you'll ever game with. Our rules of engagement. Support. Be a team. Don't get salty with your Clanmates... We all have days when we can't hit the broad side of a barn and all we do is fall off ledges. yelling at them won't help... Laughing at them is way more fun. Sacrifice..... stats and time by being shot repeatedly by friends doing crucible bounties or running the same raid I'm getting nothing for because someone needs the help. Support..... Dude you suck, but I'm there for you. Bad game can be cured, bad attitude not so much. Compete .... Blood yourself up some.... Lets have it! Most important ... It's supposed to be fun. We keep it fun. Blood Centurions

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