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10/19/2017 7:45:56 PM

LVL 6 CLANS!! OPEN! The Tesla Strike Squad

What Up Peeps!! Today marks the first day of the [Thunder Strike Squad]!! As from today, the Nova Strike Squad will be branching out and will be looking for some new members/admins. We will be introducing the 2 new clans; "The Thunder Strike Squad" and "The Solar Strike Squad". Basically, we want to create these clans in preparation for Custom PvP, and as an extension for more people to join. We will treat this as a Faction System, where you "Pledge" your alliance to 1 of the 3 clans. We will always remain as an alliance but, we will have regular PvP matches to settle any tensions. The Thunder Strike Squad is open to all for a little bit! then we will go back to normal power rules. [b][url=]Discord[/url][/b] All Welcome [b][url=]The Tesla Strike Squad[/url][/b] All Welcome [i]WHAT WE OFFER[/i] [b]Trails Players[/b] expect to make new friends / foes with some hardcore regulars! [b]NightFall Legends [/b] "We got this." - Positive [i]injections[/i] served Daily! [b]Raid Recruits[/b] Basically, we did more than watch the YouTube video. [b]YouTube Dudes[/b] Check the video in the link! [i]RULES[/i] [b]Don't be a Spider Man[/b] Now, if you join then leave and join again, don't expect to stay very long. We aren't the Avengers. [b]Be Active[/b] This might be hard to do but, play your $80 game. (CAD) [i]i know right?[/i] [b]Be Friendly![/b] Or else! [i]REQUIREMENTS [/i] -Like This Post -Comment That You Would Like to Join -Have a [b]Minimum[/b] of 10 Power -Smash Your Friggen Fists -Get Smacked by some Hunter With a Poll -Have Emperor Palpatine as your Mentor [i]Its God damn show time.[/i]

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