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10/17/2017 6:48:15 AM

I Gave Iron Banner My All...

And got nothing even remotely useful in return. Your token and rep system has destroyed this game. I work and go out of town a lot for work. I am a married man. A busy man and through it all I gave Iron Banner my all and got nothing to show for it. It is currently 1:41am. I have work at 8am. Today I traveled from Texas to Oklahoma and am staying here for the week for work. I brought my PS4 along with hopes I could squeeze in a few more games before reset to get one more rep package in hopes of getting the final piece of IB gear your crappy system won't let me have: the helmet. Nope. Here's your 4th auto rifle and 3rd copy of our covered IB sidearm. Persistence and my time got me nowhere. It would have if your reward system would have been, y'know, rewarding. This is why I quit D1 after House of Wolves. You're losing me again, Bungie.

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