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Bearbeitet von Mike Beekeeper: 10/15/2017 1:20:17 PM

Horde mode

A fantastic horde mode could fit into this universe very well. Imagine how awesome it’d be to defend against wave after wave of enemies coming thru a breach in the wall. Defending the farm against encroachments could also make for a great horde mode. Those are two ideas I have for making a dedicated horde mode you’d go into instead of crucible or strikes. This mode could even be time limited like Iron Banner. But, horde mode could also be made as a special type of public event. There could be a horde mode public event on each area. Maybe we have to defend Failsafe from wave after wave of intruders on Nessus, EDZ could be stopping an assault on the church that Devrim is posted up in, we could defend a generator on Titan, or stop an invasion against the warmind on Io. Here’s what is fun about a good horde mode. It should feel like Space Invaders combined with Destiny. The team should be defending a location from wave after wave of enemies. And we’re going for the high score. We want to see how many waves we can fend off. There should be a bit of a pause between waves for celebration and preparation, but we shouldn’t change locations between waves.

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