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10/10/2017 12:40:18 AM

Possible trials bug or Team foulplay

Greetings. I'm not usually one to make such a post but I feel it important to mention this also sorry in advance if I have posted this in the wrong thread. Myself and three other friends decided to do a round of trials of the nine. We got into the game just fine, however shortly after starting the game my friends all disconnected from the game to the point I am the only one left. I was able to stay in for a short while before I too was disconnected from the game and destiny as a whole. I would usually think this was a simple server error, but that was soon thrown out the window when we were all disconnected from the party and kicked offline, not just off xbox live, but the internet as a whole. Was it your net provider? doubtful since we all have different network providers. was it xbox live? again doubtful as other friends online and in the UK didnt have sudden disconnections I can only guess this is either a bug or the enemy team had someone capable of basically DDOSing us. I would report their gamertags but 1. they are not showing up on recent players and 2. unable to get any prior game info.

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