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10/5/2017 7:05:14 AM

Petition to make our old Right D-Pad Dance a Legendary/Exotic Emote

It dawned upon me at 3AM that I kinda miss the old dance moves our guardian used to pull off. I was personally an Awoken Warlock as my main in D1 ever since the beta (as I am still) and I loved imitating that Awoken dance to my friends. So did our Guardian "forget" how to dance like he did in '14 cause he lost and rekindled his light? My simple request is this: [i]Can you make an emote of the 3 other dances that we first had from Destiny 1?[/i] For after all, it was our first dance we ever learned. A possible example of it being shown in game could be [b]"Dr_Cornwallace42 kicks it old school (with ___________)"[/b]

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