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Bearbeitet von Dinkadactyl: 10/23/2017 1:19:26 AM

[XB1] Dragonpack Actual - We want you!

Easy-going, friendly group of people on [b]Xbox One[/b] that enjoy melting faces and peeling caps. We go hard here, but new people are welcome. Main rule: don't be a jerk. Be a dragon. Clan is currently set to [b]INVITE[/b]. Notices: - Be respectful - Mics are optional, but heavily recommended - Play! Send invites to clan members, help each other out, get sick loot. - We usually play after 8pm EDT. People who don't fit this mould may be removed to make room for people that do. [b]Upvote this post, join up, and get fraggin![/b] [spoiler]Plus, totally sick name, right?[/spoiler]

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