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Bearbeitet von JonnyMadDog1: 9/24/2017 1:01:57 AM

Petition to allow this user to obtain the ARG emblem and last (11th) memory illustration from Wrath Raid

Please Bung, this user has been around since before the (official) beginning and has really carved out a niche with this franchise and has very few this user follows and if this user does follow this user goes for being the best or among the best in such endeavors and has virtually everything else except for a few things that just absolutely rattles this user's O C D/completionist/collector's/stubborn/'pathic/methodical mindset and two of the most prominent of those from D1 are the ARG emblem (which this user was around for, actively doing stuff) however did not obtain by being "infected" but got the ARG secret site intro and studied the puzzle for a long time, but didn't know enough at the start of ROI to get infected for the emblem and waffld that whole affair and found out later it was no longer obtainable a year ago. This user did most of ROI minus a few things such as the Raid because of a lack of storage space which has plagued this user and many, many others since before TTK expansion, whereas almost every other multiplayer this user follows has added more storage space in that length of time, so this user missed out on the last run of the costume and racing event (did the originals) and overall fell into a funk until the sequel came about, but did not know there was a cutoff date for the 11th memory illustration (from Wrath) when booting up D2 in the opening credits and it was hard enough to do everything else group-related in the time before (and even now despite) the addition of this FT-LFG subs-site with this site's revamp (which isn't that great of a revamp btw, where did all the other functions go? Profile, Legend, etc.) because of this user's lack of running mates (had to PUG everything this user did) and lack of a mic (everything this user did here in D1 was without callouts of this user's own, only hearing others' callouts, impressive considering some of those accomplishments such as those hard modes) and still this user hasn't found a capable group that didn't fall apart for Wrath Normal or Hard (for the trophies at least) and with the remaining trophies for clan and flawless Raids and Strikes still remaining (not forming a clan with people until have met 'em and are cool with 'em inRL and dunno if single-user clans are allowed or if there are rewards for making such yet in the sequel D2) coupled with the fact this user staring at having waffld D2 before even fully booting it up, this user is questioning whether or not to even continue with this franchise which was a bumpy road before launch or cutting this user's losses and leaving the franchise altogether, although that'd be like admitting the last 3 yrs of sweaty work and accomplishment would've been for naught. Any1 give got advice for such a user with such a conundrum? This user rly doesn't want to do something this user cannot have a chance of having it all in. /rant

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