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9/19/2017 11:38:46 AM

This Week's Nightfall proves that Exodus Crash is just unenjoyable.

For the most part the strikes in this game are alot of fun. Performing various tasks before proceeding, but exodus crash is just a wait-fest. I dont mind running the pyramidion 100 times in a row honestly because the lasers are fun to jump through and the boss fight is kinda fun. Exodus crash is a race to a room where you just sit and wait in a circle and shoot stuff until the game deems you worthy to proceed. then you race to a boss fight where you sit in a room and shoot dudes while most of the time you dont even see the boss at all. It just isnt enjoyable gameplay. I will admit that i have timed out several times at the final boss fight this week on the nightfall so far, and I understand that nightfalls are supposed to be a challenge. The challenge is in the battles you face however and the management of time, NOT on the boss deciding that one rocket was too much damage for him to take at once so he had to go hide for 45 seconds. My final time on the latest attempt was like 26 total minutes. We were not successful in out attempt we were very close though. I will say that most of that was just waiting in the ghost shock or boss rooms. We timed out on the boss fight just standing there in a room shooting at a couple of adds because the boss decided that we were not worthy of his time. this is a feedback section so I am here giving feedback. The pyramidion strikes, and the weapon dealer, and inverted spire strikes are all relatively fun. Exodus crash needs to be looked at that's all I'm saying. because at this point when i see exodus crash I just leave because it just isnt enjoyable, and it isnt like I have a consecutive strike buff to worry about losing because that doesnt exist anymore lol.

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