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9/10/2017 12:52:27 AM

Randal The Vandal Returns In Destiny 2 ! [Destiny Easter Egg]

It would seem like our favorite Vandal has escaped his hold by the Siva that was controlling him and made his way to join House Dusk in the Sunken Isle of the EDZ. Destiny History Lesson for The Newbies. Back in 2014 the original Destiny launched and with it, came one of what I like to call ‘The Wonders of Destiny’ which consisted of the now myths, events and legends of the original game that were either patched or never revisited again. One of these wonders was found on Earths Old Russia Cosmodrome, specifically the Forgotten Shores. There was a level 8 Vandal who had an abnormally large health pool compared to its counter parts and would resist the power of Guardians, even those who had slayed raid bosses and reached the highest levels. This Vandal would come to be known as Randal the Vandal by the destiny community and would pass on into infamy as the first real test for kinderguardians patrolling the cosmodrome. Randal would eventually be accepted by the Bungie development team themselves when the Rise of Iron raid – Wrath of the Machine launched and Randal would appear in the server room towards the end of the raid. Appearing as a Siva corrupted Vandal, Randal the Perfected Vandal would spawn on players but with an extremely low chance so not many know of this. That is the story of Randal and his infamous history in Destiny, along with other such wonders as the Loot Cave, 7th Vault of Glass Chest, Xylar the Timeless, Vex Mythoclass, Suros Regime & the Queens Wrath.

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