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Bearbeitet von Azurephoenix999: 9/9/2017 4:03:40 AM

Exodus Crash Boss is way too tanky

[b]EDIT: It's come to my attention that this might be a strike boss, in which case fighting it with three people would be the normal way to do it. In which case, I can see why it was so difficult. That said, it is still ridiculous that we should be lead into a strike disguised as a 140 Power side quest, that one can easily beat (up to that point) completely solo.[/b] Recommended Light 140 MY ASS! Quest: Exodus Crash. The final boss is an absolute joke. You're constantly being chased by the boss (which is invisible half the time), so you can't stop moving, yet the arena is swarming with shanks that electrify the ground around them, slowing you down and preventing class-specific jumping abilities when you step on it. When they spawn, the electrified area covers 80% of the battlefield, giving you ridiculously little room to move to begin with. You have to run away from the boss while simultaeously gunning down the shanks (as well as the army of other adds you have to deal with) in your path so you have a path to run through, and you must kill them and the other adds until they're all dead. Then you have to attack the boss, who has a gun that, while it doesn't do too much damage, will always be firing at you. The boss has what can only be described as a godlike amount of health. Even when using a power weapon, it takes a full clip to even notice the damage you're dealing. Anything other than that, you might as well be wasting your time. Supers? They are probably your only viable means of damaging the boss in this fight, and even then he still tanks them like a beast. For comparison, a precision-damage golden gun shot with Nighthawk (from a 266 Guardian if that makes a difference) deals roughly 10700 damage, and that took away just over a sixth of his health. That means he has about 60K health total, which is insane when compared to almost everything else. If you somehow manage to take down roughly a sixth of his health, he'll vanish in a puff of smoke and all the adds will spawn in again. That means another battlefield full of shanks to deal with, and more spawn each time this happens, which is easily the most frustrating thing about this fight. You then have to do this all over again and take off another sixth of his health, then do it again, and so on. After a few rounds of this, servitors will spawn in along with the adds, and so will regular marauders (in case one invisible asshole chasing you wasn't bad enough). The boss will also put away his gun and swap to swords which he will then proceed to slash at you with. His range isn't that great with them and his animation stops him in his tracks, which means that even while slowed, if you have a high mobility and keep moving, he shouldn't be able to get you (the ONE saving grace in this whole fight). It takes AGES to kill this piece of trash, and I loathe this boss with a passion. To summarise: 1) Boss is chasing you CONSTANTLY. 2) Room is full of shanks that slow players down AND block their jumping abilities, the number of which seems to keep increasing every time the adds respawn. 3) Boss is tanky as hell and can take an assload of damage. I can deal with #1, that's the least of my concerns. I MIGHT have been able to deal with #2, but #3 is just too much, and the others are making the fight so much worse. The rest of the mission was a breeze compared to this, and might have been appropriate for someone of 140 Power (I don't know, because I was 266 when I did this), and I was able to do it solo without a problem. This boss, though? No way in hell is it appropriate for someone of 140 Power to be fighting. I even think a full fireteam of 140's would have a brutal time with this. Now, having just done the rest of the mission solo, I really don't want to leave as it means I'll have to do this all over again at some point. I'm trapped at the end of a mission I just can't do by myself. I'm going to find some friends, we're going to group up, and we're going to hit it 'till it dies. I never want to have to fight this miserable -BLAM!-er again.

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