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Legends Ch13: The Fireteam

As me and Silas walked away from the crew of bounty hunters he held his hand out in front of him, summoning the void. Something looking similar to a hunters' tether but bigger, it was their main mode of transport. Silas walked near it and immediately disappeared into a wisp of void energy. The particles went into the void portal and disappeared as I did the same. It was a portal into the void and out wherever you wanted. My molecules reassembled in the tower where the other half of the portal was. A couple guardians gave us sideways glances as we came out of the portal, most knew of Silas' weird techniques that no one else had but still were creeped out by it. We walked towards the upper courtyard overlooking the back of the tower, my ghost having already sent the codes to the vanguard. We saw V and Vulcan standing by the railing, enjoying the amazing view of the wilderness outside of the city. Vulcan saw us coming and smiled. "How'd your mission go?" He asked as we approached. "We encountered some bounty hunters and had to fight them, but we still managed to get the codes," I responded to his question. "Those guys were really idiotic enough to fight two guardians?" V asked shaking his head. I shrugged, "Guess so, so how'd your match go?" I asked referring to their doubles match. "Great," said Vulcan hiding something. "They lost," his ghost piped up. V sighed, "Whatever. Silas, think you can open a portal down to the city? I need a drink," "Opening a portal to the tower without the vanguard being bothered by it is already a stretch," he said, "I don't think they'd appreciate me opening one to the city," Vulcan sighed, "Maybe you can teach Tesmin how to do it? He probably wouldn't care about what the vanguard thought," he said nodding towards me. "Yeah, but it took Silas [i]five years[/i] to master that technique, unless you want to hold off on that drink for that long I suggest we just walk," I said towards him. V sighed and started walking. "Where are you going?" Vulcan asked. "Walking," he replied simply. Me and Vulcan followed him down into an elevator and into the city. When they got to their usual bar Silas was already their. "I thought you said you weren't going to open a portal to the city?" Vulcan asked confused. "I did, but I never said anything about blinking here," he said a smirk on his face. "That was Keids' idea, wasn't it?" V asked dryly. Silas just smiled as we entered the bar. Back at the tower Cayde walked towards the vanguard hall, "Ikora, if you told that this was a practical joke.... well, I'd honestly be very impressed," he said as the warships approached, covered by the clouds. "Soon the city will burn," said a lone figure standing on top of the wall looking out at the traveler. To Be Continued [b]Table of Contents:[/b]

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